Product: UVC Sterilization Light

Product Code: PD-RGB36*2-UV

Wattage: 36Wx2

Voltage: 110V / 220V

Wavelength: 253.7nm

IP Rating: Indoor use only

Radiation Area: 10-80 square meters

Life Time: 8000hours

Bulb Quantity: 2 Bulbs

Housing Material: Aluminium

Warranty: 1YEAR

Certificate: CE, UL

Product Dimension: 540X510X170mm

Product Weight: 3.5kgs

Mounting tyle: Adjusting Yoke with Mounting

Detailed parameters

Phida UV disinfection unit outputs an intense ultraviolet light that hits every surface it is directed at.  It can kill a range of dangerous bacteria and viruses from MRSA to E. coli.

The Pivot utilizes germicidal lamps operating in the 253.7nm wavelength range.  The germicidal lamps provide highly effective UV-C irradiance at 253.7nm, which provides the needed effect for purification, without the use of toxic chemicals. These lamps are ideal for both air, and surface purification systems.  In addition, the special outer glass tube absorbs the lower wavelengths, suppressing the formation of ozone and ensuring environmentally friendly sterilization.

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